Kennelling at Moorallie

Home of Phenwick Labradors

Moorallie is quite a diverse  1000 acre cattle property.  It is an idyllic environment for breeding Labradors
as there are many streams, dams, plenty of fresh air and lots of space!  Our dogs are exercised up to 3km a
day through the paddocks as well as swimming in the various dams.

We specialise in kennelling dogs that we have bred.  The joy of kennelling for us is to see the results of 
the progeny of my
girls and also the pleasure the dogs have in returning to the farm to run, swim, play and 
generally have a holiday whilst their
family is away.

Dogs are kept in huge grassed yards at night with individual kennels and housing. They are fed a varying diet
of good quality dry food, eggs (from our own chickens), and fresh meal of beef mince and lamb flaps.

They love the freedom of collars off, lots of swimming and free exercise!

For enquiries and bookings please contact Belinda on (02) 6946 4494 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the environment your dog gets to experience.






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Helen on Bike with dogs