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  ‘Sky’ Red Hot Cyrus At Elkens (USA)  x  Penara Color Me Ruby (LVA) Date of Birth: 29th May 2017 Hips: 0:0  / Elbows: 0:0     PRA – prcd Clear (parentage) EIC Clear (parentage) HNPK Carrier (DNA)   Sky is a beautiful bitch.  We love her athleticism, grace and temperament. She shows great quality and


VALE PHENWICK MOROCCO ‘Rocky’   During our recent terrible period of bushfires we were shattered to find our adored Phenwick Morocco passed away in his yard, only two days after all of our dogs had returned from being evacuated. The results showed he had suffered a snake bite. Rocky was such a lovely dog. A


‘Ellie’   ‘Heidi’ Ch. EMBELLISH STORY TELLER  x  Ch. DRIFTWAY FOREVER CHARMED Date of Birth: 10th May 2016 Hips: 3:2 / Elbows: 0:1 PRA – prcd Clear (parentage)   EIC Clear (DNA)   HNPK Carrier (DNA) We purchased both Ellie and her full sister, ‘Heidi’,  from Colleen Ritchard of Embellish Labradors in June 2017 . Ellie has


  ‘Cabby’   Chablais Pierre  x  Lacote Bordeaux (AI)   Date of Birth: 1st May 2015 Hips: 3:7 / Elbows: 0:0   Cabby is a beautifully bred chocolate bitch of great quality. Her sire is Chablais Pierre, from the great Chablais kennels in Canada, and her dam is Lacote Bordeaux (AI) by American Grand Champion


‘Heidi’     Ch. EMBELLISH STORY TELLER  x  Ch. DRIFTWAY FOREVER CHARMED   Date of Birth: 10th May 2016   Hips: 2:3 / Elbows: 1:1     PRA – prcd: Clear (DNA test)Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear (DNA test)Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis: Clear (DNA test)Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear (DNA test)Cystinuria: Clear (DNA test) We purchased both her and


‘Roxy’ Little River Redheaded Stranger (USA)  x  Ruby Hot Salsa of Red Diamond (USA) Date of Birth: 13th October 2016 Hips: 2:2 / Elbows: 0:0   PRA – prcd Clear (parentage) HNPK Clear (parentage) EIC Clear (DNA) Roxy is very feminine, sweet and gentle in her manner.     Roxy laying with Red Dog


‘Vilda‘ Red Hot Cyrus At Elkens (USA)  x  Turquoise Rubywood (LVA) Date of Birth: 31st October 2016 Hips: 3:2 / Elbows: 0:0   PRA – prcd Clear (parentage) EIC Clear (parentage) HNPK Clear (DNA) Vilda is very dark in coat, more ‘gun dog’ in presence and is maturing into a lovely strong bitch. By Red


‘Red Dog’   Tango Rubywood (LVA)d (LVA)  x  Keepsake’s Sweet Raspberry (USA) (USA) Date of Birth: 3rd December 2015 Hips: A:A (excellent) / Elbows: 0:0   Red Dog is a very handsome and big girl with beautiful strength of colour. She is beautifully bred by Rubywood Tango (LVA) out of Keepsake Sweet Raspberry (LVA). Our friends, Nick


‘Amy’ Aust. Ch. Driftway Royal Academy x Labraddell Blue Ivy   Date of Birth: 13th January 2016   Hips: 0:2 / Elbows: 0:0     PRA-prcd Clear (parentage) EIC Clear (DNA) HNPK Clear (DNA)   Amy is a young yellow bitch that we bred out of our lovely Ivy (Labraddell Blue Ivy). Amy’s hips and