Lacote Henrietta

Chocolate Bitch

Date of Birth: 3/9/2010

Hips: 2:3

Elbows: 0:0


DSC 0435

Lacote Henrietta is a beautiful bitch who’s pedigree is one of her many strengths.
Her sire and dam were both imported from The USA and Canada with Chablais Pierre
and Beulahlands Casey boasting strong linages from abroad. 

Henrietta has a strong dark chocolate coat, beautiful head, neck and over type.

To me, Henrietta is one of my best bitches.  Everything about her shouts quality and excellence.
I treasure having her in my brood bitch line-up and the quality of her puppies is second to none.


DSC 0447

DSC 0422

HENRIETTA pedigree


DSC 0446

DSC 0454



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